R&R #7 |【What Inspires Me?】

Recently, I found myself in a mental block of frustration. I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated, drained, dull and lethargic. Life feels monotonous; the future feels unexciting. If this is you, read on. So the energy is not there. I sat myself down for a quiet moment and asked why? Unable to find an answer,... Continue Reading →

R&R #6 |【Epiphany】

Today, I learnt that I'm a horrible person. I'm not 100% terrible, but there are about 40% of myself that I don't really like about me. It is this 40% of myself that made me feel that I can be pretty awful at times. It is a frustrating moment that makes me feel like crying.... Continue Reading →

R&R #4 |【The Act of Writing】

I'm scared of writing. Writing reveals my innermost thoughts to outsiders, who could be people I don't know very well. It leaves me feeling vulnerable, uncomfortable speaking the words that felt like they needed to be said but were left unsaid for a very long time. Why am I scared of writing, you may ask?... Continue Reading →

R&R #3 |【Looking Beyond the Coronavirus】

10th April 2020. I'm seated in front of my laptop, sipping a cup of coffee, in a sombre mood. What I'm going to talk about next is about to look grim. Across the world, there are 97,039 deaths recorded worldwide, and that is about 0.001% of humanity wiped out by the coronavirus. In total, there have been a total of 1.6... Continue Reading →

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